Peter Doell

For the Love of Music

At 21st Century Audio, we believe in helping support the musical vision of our artists with the best technical tools, and the best ears in the business.

World renowned Engineer, Peter Doell’s experience spans a spectrum of musical genres, and includes an incredible variety of top artists and high-profile projects.

From Grammy winning rock albums, classical records, Oscar nominated film scores and soundtracks, Emmy winning scores, video games, Super Bowl commercials, jingles and more… Peter has experience engineering, mastering, and creating music that reaches the heart, and moves the audience.

Count on Peter to consistently deliver the best mastering and mixes possible.

Pete is currently available for high-level mastering projects.

  • "Hey Peter! Add another #1 to your credits!!! Thanks again!"


  • "Thanks a lot you saved my life - those masters are amazing!!! Thanks a lot!"


  • "Peter, I am honored to have your mastery and skill on our project!!!
    Everything sounds fantastic , and I can’t wait to work with you again!!"


  • "This is the 4th or 5th title of my songs that you mastered and each time it's perfection!!! Thanks! "


  • "I'd just like to say thank you for the work you did in mastering our song. It was the first we'd produced and the work you did in getting this perfect was excellent! We loaded it up last week and have over 1200 plays already - I'm getting loads of comments on how well mastered it is thanks to your work."


Pete can be contacted here - let him know what you need, like, enjoy, or are frustrated about your project - and what he can do to help!